Crew Management

The management of crews is a key activity when dealing with work done offshore, and can be an exhausting activity if not conducted in a specialized manner with expert companies in the field and in accordance with international and national requirements.

In this sense, the Grupo Mieres Angola offers its' clients, Full Management of their crews, both for vessels and for offshore units and Rigs operating in the Angolan territory or internationally.

Compliance with MLC 2006

The Convention on the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 entered into force on 20 August 2013 and is mandatory for vessels operating around the world, regardless of the country where the ship is operating from or the flag.

The purpose of the MLC 2006 is to provide fair employment conditions for seafarers and ensure them safe and decent living conditions working aboard a ship.

The Mieres Group Angola, is properly certified in Regulation 1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 on Standards for Quality Management System of Seafarer Manning Offices.

Compliance with National Laws (IMPA)
In addition to the Compliance with the International Labour Convention MLC requirements in March 2006, Presidential Decree 51/14 entered into force in Angola in 2014, regulating Ship Management activities (and crews), ensuring that only demonstrably qualified and certified companies, such as GMA may provide services, as set out below:

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and engage crews fulfilling the requirements of the obligations regulated by Art. 9 of Decree
  • Technically manage and provision Ships
  • Respond to and be inspected by IMPA, acting as Trustee for activities relating to the field.

In this sense, the Ship Management, and especially crew management, becomes an activity:

  • Regulated
  • Controlled by IMPA
  • Inspected
  • Restricted to the technical capacity of companies and proven competence.

The SHIP MANAGER activity is not a temporarily controlled activity, so we can work for a customer for a undetermined number of years defined as per the contract

Advantages of Crew Management conducted by Grupo Mieres Angola
We are Licensed by IMPA, PORTS, MINPET and MAPTSS, and our services are not limited by any decree or legislation
We have Crew Management Software available and customized to suit the client. Trained personnel are assigned to clients
We have trained and specialized staff in each of the required areas of operation
We assist 24x7
We have a Compliance Department to ensure adherence to national and international laws.
We are certified by BV and we are internationally recognized as a Crew Management company under the provisions of MLC 2006.
We own a MLC Application Manual 2006 validated by ABS and Bureau Veritas Certification
We have all the Required Records and Certifications
We specialize in Union Relations, constantly keeping in touch with key industry Unions and MINPET
All records are permanently available to Customer audits
We have offices and training centers in major cities / points of departure: Luanda and Cabinda
We have national and international experience in crew management
We comply with the provisions of the STCW and the MLC 2006
We are now 100% Angola with 99.97% level Angolanization.
We assist in all crew changes
We adapt to special requirements of flags: CoC, Medical Check-up special requirements.


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